We have been visiting Portugal for holidays since 2005.  We had previously taken vacations in mainland Spain and the Spanish islands and also spent time in Turkey, Tunisia and the Gambia.

However, when we found Portugal we fell in love immediately. The Portuguese people are probably the friendliest, most humble and helpful group we have ever encountered. On top of that, Portugal has a tremendous climate, with round the year sunshine and an Atlantic breeze that reduces the drain of the heat.  The food is special, and if, like us you are a fish lover, you can access some delightful fish dishes.  Our holidays were always based in Albufeira, the largest town in the tourist region of Portugal, the Algarve.  However, we have spent time throughout the Algarve and visited the wonderful historic city of Lisbon. Its a great base to visit cities such as Seville in neighbouring southern Spain.

In 2015 we purchased an apartment in Albufeira and spent the majority of the summer school holidays based here.  I am self employed and run my own Company; its 100% cloud computing based and can really be ran anywhere with a wifi connection.  This flexibility allowed us to make great use of the apartment in the second half of 2015.  At the end of each trip we began to get really sad at the thought of returning to Belfast.  On a cold, rainy day in Belfast late November 2015, I texted my wife and asked her if she fancied moving to Portugal permanently. I received an instant response – “YES”.  At that point we began the process of emigrating and in June 2016 we finally moved permanently. More on that process to come as it was interesting to say the least!

We are now here and well settled.  My Company has adjusted well to the move and our 10-year old son is attending a local Portuguese school.  He had no Portuguese before we made this decision but is now being taught in, and speaking Portuguese well.

We took the decision to start the blog for a number of reasons.  Number 1 was we wanted to document our adventure, and share it with others who may be thinking of making a similar move to ours.  The second reason was that we have found it difficult on occasion to find accurate information on how to manage the logistics of moving to Portugal. As we learn the answers we will share them here for you.

We hope you enjoy and do please contact us with any questions you may have.



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