So the major obstacle we had to overcome when we first arrived in Portugal was to get Harry settled in school. Without that it would have been impossible to stay so it was number 1 priority.

We’ve covered the process of registering him in the school before.

He is now in the midst of his first term in year 8 in Escola Francisco Cabrita, his third year there. He speak Portuguese very well and has made solid friendships.

The school work is tough and I can tell the Maths he does far advanced from equivalent levels I experienced back in Belfast, probably by 2-3 school years. He enjoys the pace and more laid back style at which the work is taught and he responds well to the continual assessment with tests in each subject twice a term.

The hours are difficult and it’s common he finishes between 4 and 6pm from a 8-9 am start. That can be draining, especially when the tests and homework build up,

He is defining and thankfully settled though. It’s still amazing to see him study subjects like Chemistry and Geography in Portuguese and enthusiastically explain things to me in two languages. He is now picking up technical terminology and understanding it without the need to first translate into English. It’s pretty phenomenal to watch.

So tests start tomorrow and he is now ready after a morning revision session. Boa sorte Harry!

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